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Harper Elm’s passion for restoring historic homes and barns is the primary reason that we became carpenters.

On The Shoulders of Giants

The builders of past generations were geniuses by necessity. The structures that they built were more than houses and barns, they were shelters for growing and hard working families. They were built to protect not just the family inhabiting it at the time but to be passed down to the next generation. Field stone foundations built by hand, one stone at a time carefully placed and in a permanent position of support.

Communities gathered to raise walls of thick timber for one family at a time. Together, these men and woman created structures that have lasted the entire history of our nation.

Harper Elm cherishes the work of the giants of carpentry that came before us and are committed to preserving their building for the next several generations to enjoy.

Historic carriage House Restoration
Carriage House Restoration
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